Apr 17


Triple Option LB Call

LB Call: We use this when we want to block the “regular” Pitch Key defender in order to give the defense something more to think about; instead of reading the OLB as #2, the QB will read the Safety to his side as #2 (Pitch Key). Views (16)

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Apr 15

Pairing Zone Read and Power Read to Attack Across the Defensive Front

PR ZBO.001

The read game allows the offense to attack the defense where they become weakest based on post snap keys. The power read allows for a gap scheme read concept that attacks inside and outside in one direction at the same time. The zone option allows for an A-Gap to A-Gap inside run that can hit …

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Apr 04

Ideas to Test in Spring Practice

Spring practice is a time for coaches to develop their players in every way without the pressure of real games.  Most importantly, the fundamentals (blocking and tackling) of the game have the opportunity to be retaught and emphasized while creating a culture of physicality and toughness.  Finally, the spring allows for the opportunity to try …

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Apr 04

The 6-Step Program To Becoming A Successful Defensive Lineman: S.O.P.

For this report I decided to write about how I teach defensive linemen to be technicians and to be fundamentally sound, so they can become the best players that they can be physically and mentally. On the first day of pre-season camp, I give the defensive line something I call the S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) …

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Apr 02

3 Quick Drills for LBs – Pass Rush


As I move forward with these blog postings, I’d like to focus on three “quick” drills you can use to get work on a specific part of the game. This month, I’m including three drills I use with my ILBs to work on rushing the passer – a skill which is frequently overlooked in ILB …

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Mar 27

The Thin Thirty Survivor Who Came to Maysville

Photo from Paris HS Yearbook/Paris Greyhound Football Foundation Facebook page.

Of all the coaches I have met, none were more wound up and passionate than Coach Homer Goins – and that was 10 years after he had coached his last football game. He was a high-energy and high-intensity guy from the beginning of the day until the end. One of the best things that could …

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Mar 26

Triple Arc Scheme (vs. Two-Safeties)

Triple Arc

Arc Scheme Assignments    X: Cut off block   BST: Scoop   BSG: Scoop to Ace   C: Base   PSG: Base   PST: Double with PSG to MLB   Z: Stock Near Deep Defender   BSA: Get into pitch relationship (no motion)   B: Dive track (inside leg of PSG)   PSA: Arc block …

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Mar 18

Weekly Preparation

Game Plan Board

Sometimes it feels like there can never be enough time in the week to properly prepare your offense for the upcoming opponent.  With game tape exchanges made easier through internet trading, our conference like many others has opted to exchange every game among the conference.  When it’s time to scout a particular opponent, one can …

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Mar 17

The Different Personalities of the Zone Read

OWU give wide

Last month, the focus was on Zone Read with a lead blocker. This month we will continue the focus on zone read, but see how it can be packaged with different reads and passing game components from quick screens to short routes that attack the void left by defenders committing to stop the run. There …

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Mar 15

Outlining Your Summer Program

Developing a solid outline for your summer program is the foundation upon which your program should be built. These are the questions that have to be answered in order to develop a great outline: 1) How many weeks?  We have a dead period rule in Tennessee where we can have no contact with our kids …

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