Apr 20

“Flat Path” or “Swing/Bubble” Route On Zone Read?

The “Swing/Bubble” or the “Flat Path” route – which one is better to run out of a shotgun, 2 x 2 formation off of Zone Read? The Swing route, also known as the “Bubble” is the most used route for the Slot WR on the back side of a Gun, Zone Read play. The Flat Path …

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Apr 16

Salaries Soaring for Alabama HS Coaches

Hoover High School (AL) has raised the bar for coaching salaries in Alabama with the announcement it increased the pay of Josh Niblett to $125,000 — up from $114,471 a year ago. The move was finalized Thursday and made Niblett the highest paid coach in the state. The raise was labeled as ‘market-driven’ by Hoover …

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Apr 13

Coach Russell’s Ruminations – April

Happy Spring coaches. It has finally arrived – even here in beautiful central Vermont! This month’s first thought pertains directly to the weather, and what a twisted sense of humor Mother Nature seems to have. We are heading toward our university’s official “deposit deadline”, so we’re coming down the homestretch as far as recruiting events …

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Apr 08

Teaching Methodology Ideas for Spring Football

Please find in this blog a few of the points of emphasis that we have as a staff as we begin spring football this week.  Although they are not revolutionary, they do come out of some focused and concentrated work from our staff time in March as we looked at everything that we do and …

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Apr 08

Protecting Our Players, Protecting Our Game

In many of my conversations, both on the road recruiting and among other colleagues at the college level, I continue to hear a disturbing trend regarding what those in our profession are challenged to deal with in the midst of this concussion problem. It’s hard to not feel frustrated upon hearing people describe the game …

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Mar 29

Old School Leadership for the 21st Century


Are you tired of the mumbo jumbo/ big word leadership phrases of the 21st century? Would you like to see a return to the old school values of character, toughness, and serving others? Has the age of entitlement frustrated you and been a significant hurdle for your student-athletes in your efforts to help them be …

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Mar 29

Attacking the Problem and Avoiding the Distractions

Trosper and me in October of 2014. His team and just won their opening round playoff game.

As football coaches, do we prioritize and address the issues that affect our student-athletes and the great game of football? In the state of Kentucky, we have experienced changes in restrictions for June and July regarding what we can and can’t do. The way things are now, we can only play 7-on-7 in July. We …

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Mar 27

Dramatic Changes to Transfer Law in Two States

Two of the best states for high school football will be voting to go in polar opposite directions when handling transfers. Florida took the first step in approving a proposal Thursday to essentially create sports free agency, while New Jersey is set to discuss a rule so restrictive that it could come close to ending …

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Mar 14

Linebacker Fundamentals – Day 3

On day 1 we taught the fundamentals of linebacker play. In building a base, we stressed playing great technique (stance, read steps, playing low, angles), reading the triangle, reacting to flow for run or pass, gap responsibilities, option responsibilities and pass drops. Day 2 was a repetition of Day 1. On day 3 we will …

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Mar 11

Coach Russell’s Ruminations – March

At Norwich University, and many similar schools, March means crunch time for recruiting. The majority of our time on the road is done, hundreds of phone calls are being made, and the all-important financial aid packages are going out. With that in mind, I present a very “recruiting heavy” edition of Coach Russell’s Ruminations. My …

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