Jan 29

Recruit Night: Recruiting kids to football in the 21st century

Having current and former players talk to the incoming freshmen is part of recruit night. Here is a 1st Team All State Linebacker speaking to the group.

      We started something here a few years ago that has become a great way to transition our 8th graders to HS football and introduce their parents to our football coaches and program. As a staff, we call it “recruit night”. We try to pattern it after a college recruiting weekend visit. We …

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Jan 24

Deflate Gate – Brady is Getting a Bum Rap

The Following from a long time fan of Football: A Rocket Scientist…former head of space transportation for a major U.S. corporation…….   Being a fellow Wolverine, I’ve always liked Tom Brady.  He is getting a bum rap.  I can prove it.   People say temperature could not account for the temperature to make the difference between …

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Jan 20

In Season QB Drills For Improved Decision Making

At Meade HS (MD), we have not had the luxury of bringing a QB up through our system. This is due to military transfers as we are located on Fort Meade. We must spend a good deal of time training the footwork and fundamentals when we are allowed to in the off season and summer. …

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Jan 19

Practicing vs. Option Offenses: What We Do to Teach Assignment Football

One of the hardest things to teach a defense to do is to play assignment football. When we are faced with this problem, we do some things to help out players to play their assignments and slow down the option offense. Each player must understand what assignment they have in our base defense, blitz defense …

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Jan 07

Coach Russell’s Ruminations – January

Happy New Year Coaches! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. This time of the year is always an interesting one, due to the combination of the holidays and, at our level, the bulk of our on-the-road recruiting. Between high school visits and holiday travels, I spent quite a bit of time …

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Jan 06

Will Recruiting Rankings Hold in College Football Finale?

If football is indeed about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s more so than the X’s and O’s, then Ohio State has already won the first-ever College Football Playoff championship. According to the two leading recruiting rankings services — Rivals.com and 247Sports — the Buckeyes have significantly betted the Oregon Ducks in attracting the top talent. Since …

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Jan 05

Defensive Line Movements, Stunts, and Games Menu in the Base 3-4

Happy New Year to all as we embark on the 2015 off-season and the preparation for this fall’s contests.   With about a month left in recruiting, we are all searching for ideas to create positive plays in whatever phase of the game we are researching on the football-side of things.  Defensively and on the …

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Jan 05

15 Slight Variations To The “Smash” Concept


I’m certain that one constant of every coaches playbook is the “Smash” concept – the Hitch route by the outside WR and a corner route by the slot WR.  It’s a great cover 2 beater and an easy read of the cornerback for your QB.  It’s also usually an easy throw as well if the ball is …

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Dec 24

Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Leader

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 9.36.34 PM

What are the characteristics of a great leader? I have spent the last few months writing about great people and football coaches. I have learned a lot from those guys. But, my ultimate role model for coaching never played a down of football and never carried a whistle. I will acknowledge there are many different …

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Dec 22

“Whiteboard Wallpaper” Your War Room / Office this Offseason

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.36.10 AM

I was tired of a small and overused white board that had been in my office for years.  It was too small for me to put anything of significance on and had been used so much that the middle of the board had dry erase marker residue.  It could barely be used without constantly washing it. …

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