Oct 17

Commentary: California Ready to Chase the Dollar

 In a world where money talks and participation trophies are becoming the norm, high school football state championships appear to be the next frontier for those that believe everyone is a winner and every revenue stream should be tapped until it runs dry.     The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) is considering a proposal to expand …

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Oct 16

Putting Together and Practicing a Game Plan

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.38.21 PM

The season has reached the point where you’ve been able to see plenty of film on opponents and you know what they will do against certain formations and in certain situations. Of course, the opponent knows the same things about you. With rivalry games ahead or playoffs starting, now is a time to get the …

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Oct 16

Running a Better Team Session by Hindering the DL to Have More Players Make Plays in Team Sessions

By Ned Panfile   We often have trouble with our ‘look squad’ blocking our defensive linemen during our team defense session. No matter how much we tell the D-line to back off, we can’t get a view about how well other people make plays. We often do two different things to better the view during …

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Oct 13

Power Play

Power Right

This play looks like our triple play at first yet turns out to be a very different beast altogether! The key blocks are the B-back must kick out that DE and the Backside OG pulls into the B-gap and blocks the first wrong colored jersey. The ball carrier must slide just inside that KO block …

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Oct 08

The BAC Theory

Welcome to October. I hope everyone is off to a healthy and successful start to their seasons. This month, considering the grind of the regular season and the stress it often provides, I thought I’d showcase the “lighter side” a little bit. Over the course of a decade in college coaching, I’ve found myself in …

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Oct 06

Detailed In-Season Practices for Skill Maintenance

As we all are in the midst of the season and we are focused on teaching our players about our opponent and the specific schematic things that we will implement during the practice week to take away what they do best, it is imperative to remember that fundamental/technique/schematic skill maintenance and, hopefully, development continues through …

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Sep 27

Friends Who Make You Better

Friday night, Jan. 4, 2013: Yesterday was a tough day. I got an email in the morning from my good friend, Coach Leon Hart, that he was going to retire as the head football coach at Ashland Blazer. He was letting me know before his team knew and before the news got out because of …

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Sep 22

A Legendary Kansas High School Coach


Bill Freeman was a legendary high school football coach. One of the most successful football coaches in Kansas history, Freeman had an overall record of 242-81-3 over a 36-year career. Now 83, Freeman suffers from Alzheimer’s and is living in a nursing home in his home town of Burlington, Kansas.   In October, Bill Freeman …

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Sep 18

100 Yards of Memories

Retired coach Ed McQuary recently published a book reflecting on his 47 years as a coach. In those seasons, he won over 330 games, was Oregon Coach of the Year and won a big school state championship. His proudest accomplishment is when ex-players meet him with a hug and a “Hi, Coach.” This excerpt is …

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Sep 16

Get Your #2 Quarterback Ready

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.58.16 AM

Most high schools are nearing the midpoint of the season. Most likely, only a small percentage of those teams have given their second quarterback meaningful work. Part of our problem is in our mentality as coaches. We grow to trust and rely on our starter to the point that our second team quarterback becomes a …

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