Oct 05

Weekly Opponent Preparation Plan

Many of us are through the first third to half of the season and as we continue to attack the schedule, the emphasis increases on teaching our players equally as much about our opponents as we do ourselves.  What follows below is the daily schedule we use each week defensively to prepare for an opponent. …

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Sep 29

Temple Football: Non-Travel Squad In-Season Training

Some of the most common questions I receive as a strength and conditioning coach focus on in-season training. Head Coach Matt Rhule and I believe in-season training is as important as any other period of training that occurs during the year. We do not view in-season training as maintenance; rather, we train to get stronger. …

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Sep 15

Coach Russell’s Ruminations – September

I hope everyone is off to a good start for the 2015 season. A new year is always exciting. It’s a chance to see what your incoming players bring to the program, as well as to evaluate how everything you’ve done since the end of the previous year has paid off. My main thought for …

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Sep 10

Mississippi State Football In-Season Strength Training

By Rick Court, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Mississippi State University We take great pride in how we coach and administer our in-season strength program. In-season training is the most important time to train because you must continue to make gains off of all the hard work you have put in through the winter and …

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Sep 07

Building Blocks of Zone Pass Defense

With the multiple coverages that are employed by defenses, there are various individual techniques that the coverage players must master and then employ versus specific routes, patterns, and concepts.  What follows is a simple checklist to teach ANY form of ZONE coverage regardless of scheme or technique.  Each building block is equally as important and …

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Aug 16

Catching Up – A Great Time of Year and Being Thankful for the People That God Brings Into Your Life.


Not surprisingly, it has been several days since I posted this blog. We have our first Sunday staff meeting after church today and I will work this in before our family goes to church. We had our first scrimmage at Mercer County vs. Louisville Waggener, coached by Jordan Johnson, who was a freshman defensive lineman …

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Aug 14

Coach Russell’s Ruminations – August

Welcome to August, football season, and my “Camp Edition” of Coach Russell’s Ruminations. My first thought for this month is something I think far too many men in our profession struggle with. There seems to be an eternal struggle between being a good coach and a good father. If you’re fortunate enough to have children, …

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Aug 04

Common Blocks Against the D-Line

As we all prepare for training camp and put together our technique boards and drill menus, we must stay conscious of the different types of blocking patterns that our front people will see given our schemes. This is the next step above working on the individual details of basic block destruction for any defensive player: …

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Jul 27

Coach Russell’s Ruminations – July

For college football coaches, and many high school coaches, the summer means one thing: camps. Summer football camps are not only a good way to supplement your income, but they’re also valuable for the opportunity to be exposed to high school players you may be interested in recruiting. I’ve just returned from my “biggest” camp …

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Jul 24

Crossing Paths with a Giant…..The Impact of Great People……Coach Arnsparger

23 years ago it was the summer of 1992. I was a first year head football coach at Paris High School (KY). My wife Stephanie and I had just been married that May. Our summer days were to get up and leave Lexington every morning and drive to Paris. I would work until dark and …

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