Jul 17

The University of Sioux Falls Six Basics of Defense

Last month, we talked about our three weapons (eyes, hands, and feet) that we teach each player as a part of our defense at the University of Sioux Falls.  This month we will advance in our progression to what we call “The six basics” of defense.  We believe that if each player can master these …

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Jul 16

Developing Toughness Through Strongman Training/ Gut Check Workouts

Toughness is a characteristic that is highly desirable in football players. The ability to endure, adapt and overcome is a trait that allows teams and players to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. As coaches, we are always looking for ways to create situations that require our players to overcome adversity. We feel strongman training …

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Jul 15

Kicking Scrimmage – Practicing Special Teams, Third Down Offense, and The Free Kick


Years ago I heard now retired coach Wally Hood present a clinic on the kicking scrimmage. This special teams focused scrimmage format allowed a team to work all phases of the game, but gave emphasis and most reps to the special teams. When I became a high school head coach this was something I implemented …

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Jul 06

Starting the Season: Firsts Things first – Remembering What is Important

The old football my Dad gave me when I was four years old after he had passed out equipment to his first team at Boyle County HS.

  We started a ceremony here a few years ago to start our pre-season.  The purpose of the ceremony was to help us focus on the things that are most important: 1- Football is fun. We have grown up watching our heroes play the game and emulating them in the backyard. That is what got …

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Jul 03

42 Rules for Getting Better at Practice

Practice. How do you use it? How do your players view it? Hopefully, they don’t disparage it like Allen Iverson did in this famous interview. As coaches, we understand the importance of it. Some of us may even prefer practice to games. The question I constantly ask is, “Am I getting the most out of …

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Jul 02

3 Quick Drills for LBs – Man Coverage

open step

This month, in keeping with the theme of my last few posts, I’d like to share three quick drills I use to work on man coverage with my linebackers. This is interesting for me to share, because this is one area I believe can be “over-coached”. I was definitely guilty of over coaching it early …

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Jul 01

A Variation of “The Pit” in Daily D-line Drills

Set up for Delaware Read Drill

  In my May article in American Football Monthly, I outlined the everyday drills I use to prepare my d-linemen to read offensive blocks. I sometimes find that they do become robotic in their approach to “The Pit”. So, I use a variation that helps us to change pace. I call this the “Delaware Read …

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Jul 01

Spread Single-Wing Offense: Basic QB Run Plays


Traditionally, I have always been a Spread Wing-T offensive guy incorporating both versions of the two most powerful offenses on the high school level, the Spread and Wing-T offenses. However, over the last couple of years, my offensive philosophy has had to adapt to a couple of scenarios placed before my staff. First, we have …

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Jul 01

Oldie But a Goodie

Summer is a great time to go through old materials in preparation for the fall.  July is my month to work on projects and reference manuals from the past while reorganizing where resources are to make them more accessible.  On that note, I have attached the last composite Special Teams Playbook that we put together …

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Jun 30

Linebacker Fundamentals – Day 2

Day one we taught the fundamentals of alignment, stance, read step, reacting to run/pass, proper angles, and zone drops.  Day two we want to review the fundamentals you taught on Day 1. Asking your players questions not only allows you to see where they are mentally, but it also allows you to see where you …

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