Jun 25

I Found a Drill…. At the Beach

I  was watching a father and son throw a football in the ocean yesterday. Both threw the ball well. The dad’s release was one I preferred….he brought the ball straight back and then out of his hand. The son, on the other hand, would dip the ball/ wind up before releasing the ball. My son …

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Jun 14

American Football in Sweden


Here is an American football game in Sweden! Boyle County Football Coach, Chuck Smith, is in Sweden right now, working at a football camp. He said the kids try hard and have a desire to be good players.   American Football in Sweden Like this:Like Loading…

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Jun 12

Coach Russell’s Ruminations – June

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve been deep into the season of coaches moving to other schools, hirings, firings, etc. Usually, football coaches handle the process the right way. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. The entire process is something I’ve spent a lot of time observing and thinking about. This month, I’d like to …

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Jun 02

Summer Evaluation Camps

It’s that time of year of course and whether we are high school or college coaches if we are attempting to constantly raise the water level of the talent in our Programs, then we usually have a plan for the identification, evaluation, and matriculation regarding the stars of the future.  This multifaceted and constant process …

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Jun 01

Make Big Decisions Now, Coach When It is Time to Coach

Stephanie, Chris Haney, myself, & Larry Harris, celebrating the 1986 Mercer County vs. Paris Football game. Read about that classic in Black Shoes & White Shoestrings!

  In my book, Black Shoes & White Shoestrings  , I talk about Bill Walsh’s impact on how we run our program and the level of organization we try to incorporate. We use play scripts, job descriptions, and any necessary planning documentation we can to make great decisions BEFORE the season begins. Once the season begins, …

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May 26

Effectively Disguising Coverages (Part I)

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.12.51 AM

 This past off-season I spent more time than normal listening to offensive coaches discuss their strategies. Not just at clinics, but also in our office because this year we had an offensive coordinator to hire. This gave me a great opportunity to listen to the different candidates talk about their offensive schemes.   The biggest …

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May 26

Linebacker Change of Direction Drills


The first day we taught the fundamentals of linebacker play. In building a base, we stressed playing great technique – stance, read steps, playing low, angles, reading the triangle, reacting to flow for run or pass, gap responsibilities, option responsibilities and pass drops. On day one we will begin evaluating the linebackers by their effort, …

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May 23

Long Hours, Hard Work – Do You Spend Your Time Doing What Matters the Most?

Here is our mission statement. It will be posted above the coaches' office door as a reminder when we walk out that door, what our business is and what we are about.

Over 20 years ago at a clinic, Sam Harp, former Danvlle High School (KY) coach with seven state titles, shared a master list of what a coach needs to do, broken down by the months of the year. That list has been a big help, but when I took the  job at Mercer County in …

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May 21

When a Player Transfers, is it Okay for Him to Hand over Your Rival’s Playbook?

If a player transfers to your school, and he is from your rival school, or any school you play, is it okay for him to give you a copy of your rival’s playbook? I think anything a kid knows/remembers is fair. But, if he hands you a playbook, that crosses the line and the coach …

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May 20

The Night Roger Gruneisen Almost Fired Me

I heard from Coach Gruneisen today. He brought up one of the times he almost fired me! We were at Bath County playing in the freezing cold for the region championship in November of 1989. Bath had beaten us in the regular season. I am on the scaffolding we use to take as a makeshift …

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