Jun 12

21st Century HS Football…. for old guys like me

Gabby Banks & Morgan Reed our Administrative Assistants

The same article appears at this link and the graphics come through easier: http://blackshoesandwhiteshoestrings.blogspot.com/2016/06/21st-century-hs-football-for-old-school.html ” A new broom sweeps clean.” I heard Coach Roy Walton from Tates Creek say that several years ago at a clinic. His point was, it is relatively easy to show progress and generate interest in taking over a football program …

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May 17

Playing Coverage in 3rd & Short to Medium Situation and No Cover Zone

diagram 4

  I was really excited to get a couple of questions from my last blog.  Going to use this latest blog entry to answer the questions.  One of the questions deals with the “No Cover Zone” of five yards or less in coverage.  Why not cover those routes?  The second question deals with coverage calls …

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Mar 11

Simple Ways To Disguise Your Defensive Front’s Alignment & Assignment

diagram 1

During this offseason I have spent more time then in the past listening to offensive coaches as opposed to the usual of just going into hear defensive coaches speak.  This has paid real dividends for me hearing offensive coaches talk about their thought process on game day and game planning.  In doing this the biggest thing …

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Mar 08

Detecting Possible Solutions For QB Throwing Issues

The following is a basic overview of what potential mechanical issues your QB may be having as it relates to bad balls he may be throwing  (The issue(s) and potential mechanical fixes will be related to a right-handed QB in this blog).  By no means is this the end-all be-all reason for the throwing issues …

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Feb 01

Recruiting Calendar Progression

As high school and college coaches approach signing day on Wednesday we are all about to also push play on the next recruiting cycle.  Of course we all know that recruiting never really stops and many of us at both the college and high school levels are already well ahead on the Class of 2017 …

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Jan 18


  STARS AND STRIPES vs. MEXICO’S UNDER 19 ALL-STAR TEAM By Rey Hernandez, Retired College and High School Coach On December 18, I had the opportunity to coach on a football staff that prepared a group of San Diego County high school seniors who were representing the United States in a game played between Mexico’s …

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Jan 11

Disguising Run Support and Pressures with Your Linebackers


Last off-season I spent more time than normal listening to offensive coaches, and not just at clinics, because this past off-season we had an offensive coordinator to hire.  This gave me a great opportunity to listen to the different candidates talk about their offensive schemes.  The biggest thing that struck me at the end of …

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Jan 06

Bunch “Shallow” – A Compliment To Bunch “Double Post”


Bunch Formation – Shallow Concept The “Shallow” concept out of the Bunch Formation is a great compliment to the “Double Post” concept that I talked about in the previous blog.  The “Shallow” is the answer for when a defense drops 7 or 8 into coverage to take away the “Double Post” or deep throws. Skill …

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Jan 04

Emerson, Bloom, et. al. for 2016

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The secret in education lies in respecting the student.”  Thinking about that as a self-evident truth is a great way to jump into our coaching practice for 2016.  Most of us (especially those who also teach and coach football) are familiar with the work of Bloom, his colleagues, and followers. …

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Jan 01

The Young Assistant Coach Who Could Not Stop O.J. Simpson


  In going through my dad’s stuff, I have been very pleased to find some great things that remind me of him. Here are the three team pictures from his years at Lafayette in Lexington, KY- 1966, 1967 & 1968. He was an assistant for the Generals. One of my favorite stories on my dad …

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