Nov 03

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Auburn’s North-South RB Drill from the book Complete Running Back

North-South Drill

The following is an additional drills from Complete Running Back (Human Kinetics, 2016) written by Auburn Running Backs Coach, Tim Horton.


North–South Drill



Simulate catching a pass out of the backfield and taking a direct path to the end zone.


1.     You need a quarterback, linebackers, and a football plus two trash cans or hand-shield dummies for the linebackers.

2.     Run a 5-yard option route versus zone coverage.

3.     The quarterback throws the ball to you.

4.     Linebackers are 5 yards deeper than the running back and 4 yards on each side.

5.     Make a tight turn and look to split the linebackers.


·     The route needs to allow you to point your belt buckle at the quarterback when the ball is thrown.

·     Extend your arms, catch the ball in your hands, quickly tuck and turn in shadow, and accelerate upfield.

·     Get your pad level down before making contact with the trash cans or dummies.

·     Overemphasize ball security before contact.

·     Finish the drill 10 yards beyond contact.


Figure 5.30: North-South Drill

Excerpted from “Complete Running Back” by Tim Horton, copyright, 2016. Reprinted with permission from Human Kinetics. All rights reserved. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permission of Human Kinetics, Inc.

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