Apr 18

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This is a B-Back every day drill.  Use pylons or a Gilman Strip to show where the Center, PSG and PST are located.  Have a team manager hand the ball off to the diving back during this drill.  The position coach will play the AK (Action Key defender).  The Action Key is defined as the first defensive lineman inside the dive key.  This defender is the player who the B-Back must find prior to the snap of the ball. Depending on how this defender is blocked by the O-Line, will ultimately determine if the B-Back cuts inside or outside. The B-Back takes his regular track (12/13) on triple option (crack of the butt of the PSG).  In this drill, the ball is handed to the B-Back who is running at full speed towards his aiming point.  The Coach will then either move up field or move to cross the face of the diving back.  The B-Back must then make his one cut off of what he sees the Coach doing.

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Coach Markowski

Innovator of the Pistol-Flex Offense, Coach Markowski has coached at both the collegiate and Semi-Pro levels of football including SFU, Mansfield University, and the United States Military Academy (Lightweight Program). He is presently an Offensive Consultant at Chestnut Hill College, PA.

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