Feb 14

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Triple Option vs. A Tough 3-Tech

Many coaches have asked what they can do if that very tough 3-tech DT is eating up their playside OG while running the triple option play?  I have two suggestions:

1) Simply have your QB audible to the midline option play.  This way, instead of having to “block” that 3-tech, your QB can read him.
2) Have your QB “flip” the play to the opposite side so that you are able to run the play away from that great 3-tech DT.

Hope that helps!

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Coach Markowski

Innovator of the Pistol-Flex Offense, Coach Markowski has coached at both the collegiate and Semi-Pro levels of football including SFU, Mansfield University, and the United States Military Academy (Lightweight Program). He is presently an Offensive Consultant at Chestnut Hill College, PA.

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