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This play is your everyday, basic zone run play with an option twist to it!   The backside running back (B-back) runs his zone running track.  If he is given the ball, he treats the play like a “zone right” run play.  Remember, on zone, the running back can only make ONE cut and then must go north/south.  If he is not given the ball, he will then hit the LOS and cut the first wrong color jersey.  Meanwhile, the QB must make two reads.  The Zone Dive Key read defender is the first defensive lineman on or outside the BST (in the diagram above, that defender is marked with a #1).  If #1 comes up field on the snap of the ball, the QB gives that ball every time to the zoning B-Back.  If, however, #1 comes both hard and flat on the B-Back, the QB will pull the ball and then attack #2 (his second read).  #2 is the QB’s option read.  He is the “next defensive player outside of #1.  If #2 takes the QB all the way, the ball is pitched to his pitch back.  If #2 takes the pitch back, the QB replaces #2 and heads up field.  Below are the assignments of all offensive players.

QB:  put the BS A-Back in short motion.  Read #1…give or pull.  Either way, after a decision is made, QB attacks #2.  If he still has the ball, he either pitches or keeps off of #2’s actions.

B-Back:  if given the ball, run “zone”.  If not given the ball, attack the LOS and cut 1st wrong color jersey.

PS A-Back:  on the snap, drop step; get into pitch relationship with QB.

BS A-Back:  go into “short” motion; on snap, retrace steps and block #3 (primary run support).

C/PSG/PST: block Zone

BSG:  block Man-On

BST:  veer release (inside) and block Mike

X:  Man-On (block for QB/pitch-back)

Z:  Man-On (block zone on your side)

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Coach Markowski

Innovator of the Pistol-Flex Offense, Coach Markowski has coached at both the collegiate and Semi-Pro levels of football including SFU, Mansfield University, and the United States Military Academy (Lightweight Program). He is presently an Offensive Consultant at Chestnut Hill College, PA.

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